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10 Lessons From Building my Hydroponics Garden

Instead of adding another hydroponic tutorial to the Internet. I decided to write this post to share some tips rarely included in the videos and Instructables. These tips should put you in the right frame of mind and save you some frustrations. This advice may be obvious for DIY professionals but will be useful for the part time handymen or women. Accept that your garden will be unique and dependent on the materials available to you.
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Software Tools I Use and Recommend

Inspired by Scott Hanselman’s list, I have created my own list of tools I use frequently. What I have found interesting about software choices is that all of us seem to have our own preference. Look no further than the “war” between Vim and Emacs. At the end of the day it is about productivity, you should use the tools that make you most productive. I am interested in your comments and alternatives for listed software.
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Keep Your Domain Email Working When Hosting Your Static Site on Amazon S3

Soon after I moved my site from Drupal to a Hugo generated static site hosted on Amazon S3 my Google Apps email stopped working. In this post I share how I set up my DNS for my site and kept my email working. If you use Amazon Route 53 for your DNS you will not have this problem. Transferring you domain to Route 53 is the quick solution. If you want to stay with your current DNS provider then read on.
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Why Hugo Static Site Generator

When I wrote about my move from Drupal to Hugo I didn’t provide details. This is an opinionated list of reasons I went with Hugo. TL;DR I don’t have time to maintain database server and web server. Static file hosting is cheaper. Hugo is self contained executable with no dependecies to worry about. Shared hosting is too limiting I hosted my Drupal sites on my own VPS instead of shared web hosting typically accessed through cPanel.
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